About Me

I’ll be writing mainly about Bitcoin in this blog but as I’m a longtime Linux user there will be a bit of Linux mixed in as well. I use a lot of the major Bitcoin projects including node software and Lightning implementations outside of the well known “node in a box” solutions that have become so popular. Configuring this software by hand allows me to deploy these solutions in unique ways. This blog is my attempt to document these deployments for myself as a reference and for others if they find these deployments interesting.

For the last several years I’ve spent an incredible amount of time studying Bitcoin both from a monetary and technological perspective. Bitcoin has great potential to vastly improve the lives of so many average plebs. Being able to hold money which can’t be arbitrarily confiscated or inflated away by a third party is truly a disruption to the current order of things on par with the proliferation of the internet. I can’t think of anything that I rather spend my time learning about than Bitcoin.

I hope you find something of value on this site and best of luck on your Bitcoin journey.