Stuck Channel Open
Double Spend in Core Lightning

Difficulty: Low

When it comes to sending Bitcoin transactions of any kind, I try to pay the smallest fee possible. With the current popularity of inscriptions the fee market has changed. Apparently I’m still adjusting to the change and recently made a mistake in picking my transaction fee when opening a lightning channel with my Core Lightning node. The result was a lightning channel open transaction that would never have confirmed.


Zeus setup with Core Lightning
and c-lightning-REST setup

Difficulty: Intermediate

If you run your own Lightning node and you’re not familiar with Zeus you are missing out. Zeus is a fully featured mobile Lightning front end which will allow you to send and receive Lightning payments from your home LND or Core Lightning node when you are out and about. We’ll be leveraging Zeus’s built in Tor support to connect to our home Core Lightning node. Since we are using Zeus with our own node this is a completely noncustodial solution, no trusted third parties here! In my opinion, Zeus is the best mobile lightning wallet out there.

There are several quality guides online that demonstrate the configuration of the Zeus mobile wallet with LND but I haven’t seen one for Core Lightning. Yes, Zeus also works great with Core Lightning!

In this guide I’ll demonstrate the setup of the c-lightning-REST program which acts as a shim to allow Zeus to talk to your Core Lightning node via REST API. Zeus requires a REST API for communication and Core Lightning doesn’t provide one natively. After c-lightning-REST is in place I’ll demonstrate how to connect Zeus to your Core Lightning node. You’ll then be able to make payments from your Core Lightning node while you’re on the go with your mobile phone!