Drive failure on LND node or…
How to lose some Bitcoin

Difficulty: Low

Tonight, on a very special episode of BitcoinLizard Blog…

I created this blog with the intention of mostly writing about the setup and implementation of various Bitcoin related software projects. In particular I was planning on writing about moving away from what I considered to be an unreliable Lightning node implementation. That implementation being a Raspberry Pi with the LND node data stored on the SD card. My intention was that I’d shutter my BitcoinLizard Tor only routing node that was running on a Raspberry Pi and build out a new routing node running Core Lightning on a more robust server with redundant storage. This post is about how I waited too long to decommission this LND node and as a result faced serious consequences. This post is a warning to anyone whom runs a Lightning node and doesn’t take the proper precautions with regard to backing up their node data.